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Dude, seriously?

What the hell happens to my inner ear in winter?

Not long afer posting on Saturday, I left the library and went to go across the road to the Co-Op to buy some painkillers (toothache + no NHS dentist = lots of painkillers). I turned right at the door of the library, took three steps down the slight hill and... fell. In full view of the cars passing by on the street (nice of them to stop and see if I was okay really /sarcasm). I landed on my knee, rolled and ended up flat on my back with my legs in the air. In the middle of the village on a Saturday afternoon. Joy. I'm fine, I have a grazed knee and some scrapes over the heel of my hand where I'd put it out to try to stop myself.

I haven't fallen for a year. It's not icey yet, there was nothing on the path that I tripped over, I just... fell. although I've been told that clumsiness can be a symptom of Aspergers so maybe there is something to it after all I think me and my inner ear need to have a chat.

Only a few hours to go until I can verify my NaNo novel. Yay! And as I was just about finishing up I watched some old DVDs of mine and an old crossover idea I've been sitting on forever came back to me. So, completely seperately, I'm working on a new story which will hopefully be posted before the cleaned up NaNo effort. The only problem is that it's been a long time since I read the crossover source and my library didn't have it. But, problem solved, I ILL'd it and it came in today (in fact the librarian took one look at me as I walked in the door and said "you ordered a book didn't you? It came in this morning") so I have some reading to do this evening and then get on with some writing.

If I can avoid falling over on the way home.

ETA The White Knight Awards nominations are coming in thick and fast now, which is awesome, but we are a *little* short in some of the categories. Specifically those listed below. Just to let people know, in case the news hadn't bled out yet - you can nominate yourself. The only limitation I'm putting on that this time is that you cannot vote for yourself. So if you've been holding off nominating then please - go right ahead!

I'll be in touch with all the current nominees over the next few days (my graphics muse has bitten the dust for the moment and I want to have new buttons for nominees - anyone who would like to contribute, you would be my hero!), but there's still plenty time to nominate!

Categories which are low in nominees:
New Author
Slash Author
Het Author
Overall Author
Academically Dangerous (School-centric fic)
Bad-Ass Vamp (Xander-as-vampire fic)
Sometimes I Shouldn't Say Words (Xander dialogue in fic)
Guess Who Just Got Mean (Darl!Xander fic)
All About the Journey (Series)
Drama (I never did come up with a clever name for that category!)
Flying Buttress of Support (best use of Xander as a secondary/supporting character)
I Like the Quiet (Just Xander)
Yanni CD & a Bottle of Chianti (Romance fic)
Viking in the Sack (NC-17 fic)

Of course, all other categories are looking for nominees as well, so please, head over and get nominating!

Also, I am looking for judges to help with screening and with the possibility of giving a 'Judges' Choice' award. If you're interested please let me know either here or by emailing the site at wka {at} (please note that pairings of all kinds are allowed, so if you will not read a certain thing please let me know)

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