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Writing room filter - and now, the end is near...

Sorry I flaked on posting to this filter. I hit a couple of days when I didn't write anything and it felt almost as though I was letting you all down. I know that's stupid, but at the time it made sense in my head.

What that did do, was make me knuckle down and write. And write. And write. I'm prouder of what I have written this year than I was in 2006 (the last time I won). This feels like a coherent story which only requires editing a little to make it readible. It does need a serious edit before it gets good, which is why I've held off posting the later parts. I'm working on something else (and you guys can be the first to know - it's a Neverwhere/Buffyverse crossover tentatively called "Don't Forget Your Key") to get me back into the frame of reference of actually writing something other people want to read, and then I'll work on DKoK and post it.

Thank you all for your support over the last month - although I didn't make as much of this filter as I thought I might, knowing you were there and supporting me through this has made this awesome.

Thank you all!
Tags: nano, nanowrimo, the writing room
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