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I may be fandom's bitch but...

So yeah, I was never really all that content with the black & red layout over at my own site, so I've been gradually working on a whole new one. Which I'm happy with. For now. *g*

Fandom's Bitch

I'm trying to collect everything together and have a few more fics to upload, but I think that's me pretty much caught up with myself. *grins*

I'd love to know what you think of the new layout (and if you have your own site I'd love to link back to you!)


(Oh! Thanks to adorable and wonderful thedothatgirl, I have the ability to be only one episode of SPN behind come the end of the weekend. *squishy hugs honey!)

Also? Go check out the awards over at the AVAs. Seriously, there's some awesome vids there this round. Go! Shoo!
Tags: art of vidding awards, fandom's bitch, i have the best friends, sites
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