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Nomination time's almost up!

Nominations close at Midnight Tomorrow. (although... since I won't be online again until Monday afternoon, there is a little bit of wiggle room there).

If you want to check out the curren nominees at either site before you send in your nominations, that would be awesome.

Salt & Burn Awards for Supernatural fanfiction

White Knight Awards for Xander Harris fanfiction

Thank you all so much for the support the sites have had over the last month - it's been awesome! Now I'm just looking for that final push - it would rock my world to have every category filled and for both sites to hit the 100 nominees mark! (The WKA currently has 104 whilst S&B has 80... some catching up to do there!)

If you are interested in helping out the sites in the form of judging/pre-screening (the WKA is popular vote with pre-screening where required) and the S&BA is judged) please let me know as soon as possible!

Please - pimp the sites far and wide, because of my limited time online I have to rely on my bestest friends more than ever.

*hugs you all*
Tags: s&ba, salt & burn awards, white knight awards, wka
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