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me and databases are not friends. I don't understand them, I don't particularly want to. Right now I'm sitting here with an Access database (I know - what the hell am I playing at?!) which I created last night to collate all of the nominees with their contact details. I'm not even halfway through and already I'm bored.

This is one of those times when I really, really, really miss being online at home. There I could go make a cup of tea, watch a vid or two, then come back and start again. Here? I have to get it all done in less than two hours so there's no stopping for tea.


Of course, if I'd kept it updated as and when nominations came in it would be a whole lot easier right now but then, where would the fun in that be?

(guy beside me just snorted, I think he was reading this - hello!)

There's no reason for this icon, I just hadn't seen it for a while. (Speaking of - 195 icons?! I only just hit my limit and they increase it - this is a good day!

Oh? And acrazywench? *tacklehugs* I'm fine sweetie, I promise you.

ETA Woo and indeed hoo! I've completed the contacts databases, two people I can't find emails for, but I have 7 minutes left so it'll have to be in the morning I email folks.

Also - thedothatgirl? The thing we talked about for the AVAs? I haven't had a chance to look yet - in the morning, I promise!
Tags: access is also teh ev0l, excel is teh ev0l, s&ba, wka
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