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Notes to self...

Never try to code PHP in a house with four small children who all want to sit on your knee.

Always triple check anything you code, double checking just aint enough.

After triple checking, ask someone else to take a look as well, just because.

When you find the answer you're looking for in "PHP & MySQL Web Development" (awesome reference book) don't then close the book assuming you'll remember it.

And finally, when it's December in Scotland and you're walking outside in the early morning, don't walk anywhere the sun hasn't had a chance to reach yet. You'll end up on your arse.


The good thing though - I have found a new web form host thingy which is doing everything I need it to do so the WKA voting page is now fixed. (And the only advert on it is way over on the right where you can't see it).

My New Year's Resolution (a month early) is to actually sit down and learn PHP properly, so that when it screws up I know where exactly to look and how exactly to fix it. It's not that difficult, it's just another language and if I think of it as a Germanic language that will help. (Rigid grammatical structure but immensely logical!) (I'm a linguist - it makes sense to me!)

Now I'm going to email everyone who voted in poll 2 yesterday to see if they want to reenter their vote, then I'm going to go download some more fics and ponder the question one of the judges sent me (no, you're not thinking too much about it - I noticed it myself and although I haven't read it I thought it might cause an issue with judging).
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