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*insert snappy subject line here*

Right, so I'm in a 'screw you' world day today. Not having any money at all for food (and no, I'm not exaggerating - I have no income at all thank you very much GUL for screwing me over one final time and getting the Benefits Agency to suspend my JSA) has left me searching through the house for anything that might be around. I haven't yet gotten to the stage of eating the Xander chocolate bar that I bought in Hamleys in London on the way to my first ever convention (Senior Partners - 2001 was it? 2002? Whatever it was, the chocolate will definitely be out of date...) but what I did find was a box of hair dye. Since I can't eat it I thought - hey, maybe I could use it!

Only thing is, it's from the stage I went through of being a red head. Which is a stage that most of my SPN friends don't actually know at all, since I've been becoming more blonde in that period I've known them (although for the last year it's been all natural baby...)

So, the big question. Should I use the dye? Should I be a red head again?

To be a redhead or not?

Really? You wanna be a ginger?
Really, who cares?

I'm trying to keep myself busy (so as not to think about how hungry I am) and am having so much fun with judging fics and vids and things! (Also? am working on something which I am determined to finish this year. So that's a fortnight to finish it. Doable. Since I've got nothing better to do with my time! (And yes, I'm being deliberately vague but I may be asking for advice from thedothatgirl in the near future...)

Right, I'm now going to start downloading the 'series' entries for the Salt & Burn Awards so that I can start judging those as well.

And apply for a crisis loan from the social fund so that I don't end up spending the holiday period in hospital with malnutrition.
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