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Wow. It's 2009 already!? How did that happen?

I'm back, and I have a bunch of stuff I'm going to be doing so I'm sorry if I'm a little spammy in the next hour or so (making up for lost time!). The library has been shut up until today and this is my first time to post since before Christmas.

I hope all of you had a wonderful time over the festive period and got everything you could wish for! I had a quiet time, spent the 25th with sis and co. The kids had drawn a picture for me as my present - it's like a roll of wallpaper. Where the heck am I going to put it?! And on my birthday they made me little clay model things, which are fabulous, but again - where am I going to put them?! No, really, I love them. They are the best kinds of presents I could have gotten - they were *made* and made *for me*. They're awesome.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I think I got round everyone, but I've missed you - I'm so sorry! Shout outs especially to: kitty_cat89, angelnetgirl, tessarin, draconin, booster17, bastardsnow, cologne_chick, velvetwhip, lwbush, emeraldswan, dragonydreams, agt_bush, nocturniquette1 and abby150! (And emorpheus and hopeless_cynic - sorry guys!)

Since I wasn't able to get online up until now I couldn't close the WKA voting on time. As such, all votes recieved in the interim have been added to the totals. I'm still hoping to have the winners announced this week - it all depends on how quickly I can get the awards made really! I'll keep you updated with the progress as and when I can!

LJ-wise, I am trying to catch up with what I've missed, but I am waaaaay behind and don't know if I ever will manage it! What's going on in your lives? What have I missed? Please let me know?

TV - the new Doctor news? I don't know the guy, I have seen precisely one thing he's been in and don't really remember much about it, but he looks interesting and from the DW Confidential that was on on Saturday he sounds really into the whole thing. I'm looking forward to seeing where he takes the role!

ITV's new show, Demons. What can I say about it? I loved Buffy. That kinds sums up what I thought about the first episode really. The next one looks interesting from the trailer, but really, it's got a fair bit of work to do to make me buy into it as a concept on its own and not just a so-so version of my fandoms.
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