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Three posts in one day... wow, sorry about that!

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I was listening to Radio 2 and heard Dermot O'Learey talking to a singer/songwriter based in Cornwall. I kinda fell in love with his voice and have been hunting about a little for him online.

Ruarri Joseph's MySpace page.

He's kinda awesome and a lot of my flist will appreciate him. (Think Jason, Fio et al.)

Go, check him out.

And if you want a freebie - his radio 2 session is available for download via his MySpace and last night I extracted the songs from it (edit Links are now via Sendspace because my server is playing up for some reason):

More Than Most (album track from his album due out in March)
Make You Feel My Love Dylan cover.

Go, have a listen, you won't regret it! Since the session is available for download via Ruarri's site, I'm fine about sharing this music. If you're connected with Ruarri and would rather I not share these tracks this way then please, let me know.
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