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strapped to the bucket of a 4 5 bike?

Okay, so most of my flist are sensible people, right? Most of you would know that there's something really wrong with these lyrics (gleaned from - now changed by me)

I taught you lessons about freedom
Strapped to the bucket of a 4 5 bike
I lit your hair on fire
Racing ten mile flats
Where American heavy metal cries
Oh we were waitin' and wishin'
On pink slips and kisses at the end of the line
When you rat-a-tat tatted on the glass
And you screamed
I'm alive

Seriously, talking about buckets, and ten mile flats, and pink slips. How does that equate a 4 5 bike? Speaking of, what the hell is a 4 5 bike?


strapped to the bucket of a 455

The Ponitac GTO 455.

(The song will be known to most of you I think - Christian Kane's "Let's Take a Drive". Currently my favourite song for making me feel good about myself.
Tags: christian kane, music, numpties
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