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Fandom crisis

I've been a little quiet about current shows because I'm not watching them at the same rate as everyone else but am getting files sent through the post meaning that often I'm a few weeks behind everyone else. I'm wondering if maybe that's the reason why I'm less enthusiastic than I was about some shows.

For instance - yesterday morning I got a new disk (*hugs* thedothatgirl) which has T:SCC, Leverage, Dollhouse, Bones and Supernatural on it. Of all the shows there you would think SPN & Leverage would be tying for first place in screening order, right? As in, they're the ones I'm most keen to see. And you'd be half right.

Leverage? Is awesome. I could live without the whole Nate/Sophie thing but it's not that annoying and Parker? Totally makes up for it. (As do Eliot & Hardison just 'cause!).

Supernatural. Of all the episodes this season I have only watched Lazarus Rising more than once. And the two episodes sitting on my desk at home waiting for me to watch? Well... I'll get to them. I love the show, really, I do, but my passion for it is fading. I *love* Castiel though (and am wondering how much of that is down to nwhepcat's fic).

As it turns out the first thing I watched was Dollhouse. Which, I have to say, I'm really glad I had two episodes to watch because after the pilot? I might not have bothered. I like the second episode a lot more than the pilot, but it's still... not great. (And seriously, having Katya Kinski from Neighbours in it without an Australian accent is really bizarre.) (Speaking of Neighbours - what happened to Libby? One day I turn on and all's fine, next I turn on and there's a different person playing the part, has the original girl left? 'Cause me no like the new girl...) One thing I do get from Dollhouse is a helluva Dark Angel vibe. This Alpha thing? Is so Ben. I like it though, it's not a favourite show yet, but hell - Eliza. She's cool.

T:SCC - Now I get why my fic got zero comments. It was Jossed in the very next episode! Hee! I'm glad Riley is actually something more than just an annoying blonde girl, wish I could stop singing 'Goodbye Mister Mackenzie' off-key whenever I see Shirley Manson on screen, and really not liking This Jessie girl. But that's just 'cause it screws with my sick and twisted fascination with Derek/Cameron/Allison.

Bones it was the premier I watched (this morning actually!) and spotted a green shirt in the background which may or may not have been fresleyforever's (I think it was - I saw the picture on your journal when it first screened honey!) It's so long since I watched it that it took a while to get back into the 'feel' of the show, but it seemed a bit... lacking? Not sure why really.

So I'm catching up, still not there yet, but will be soon I hope. Thing is... I'm not feeling the squee any more. And that saddens me a little.

I miss my shows.
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