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Salt & Burn Awards snafu

bugger bugger bugger...

Salt & Burn banners that I had to finalise? Were in a folder on my pen drive. I put said pen drive in sis's laptop yesterday to show her another file, sis's laptop decided the S&BBanners folder was a risk and quaranteened it without asking me if that was okay. Said folder is now not recognised by my own computer.

I've lost the banners I made over the week. I'm really narked at that because I'd worked to personalise them all.


So, to ensure I got them posted by the end of this month, I have made stand in ones using the base I have for the layout. They're not bad, they're just not what I wanted to have.

They're uploading as I type (no ftp on the library computer, I have to upload each file individually... good grief this is taking forever!).

Expect another announcement about the Salt & Burn Awards soon!
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