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icons! Random grab bag of posters and OTPs (*my* OTPs that is!)

I was working on some new techniques picked up over the last week or so and made icons for myself. I like 'em so much I'm sharing them!


I'm not saying my OTPs are easy but... there is a common theme here...

01-06: Poster effect icons, Supernatural, Leverage, Angel, Buffy, Firefly, Terminator: SCC
07-09: Dean/Faith (SPN, BtVS)
10: Dean/Lindsey (SPN, AtS)*
11: Dean/Eliot (SPN, LVG)*
12: Lindsey/Faith (AtS)
13: Xander/Lindsey (BtVS, AtS)
14: Faith/Xander (BtVS)
15: Faith & Buffy (BtVS) (not actually an OTP icon, I made it a couple of weeks ago and hadn't posted it yet!)

*yes, I know they are both promotional pictures of Eliot from Leverage, but for Free Fall I had a specific goal in mind and it's a post-NFA Lindsey which featured. Is it my fault he looks so much like Eliot Spencer? *g*
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