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Yay! And Salt & Burn Awards


giro cheque arrived this morning, I can go get some chocolate and ice cream!

And, you know, actual food as well, but it's the munchies I've been missing most!

So... really not sure if this is going to work on LJ so if not, there's a form on the main page of the Salt & Burn Awards site but...

To track future updates and announcements, please fill in your details here:

Name: E-mail:

This is the new mailing list for announcements concerning the Salt And Burn Awards for Supernatural and Supernatural related fanfiction. This will not be used for spam, the emails entered will not be shared with any third party - in fact not even the other judges will know them. Just me. I swear it.

Right now we're taking nominations for the Readers' Choice Awards - this is a mini-round with only three categoruies - Best Author, Best Fic and Best RPS Fic. We're doing well with nominees in the first two categories but not so much for the third. I'm not active in the RPS quorum of this fandom, so I don't really know where to promote it, or even how to promote it, so please flist? Help a girl out?

Here's some pretty (or, y'know, not so much, but the best I could do at the time) buttons you can use to link to the site. Please be sensible though, don't spam anyone, don't annoy the crap out of people and if you're posting to comms please make sure they allow promotion of sites - ask the moderators if you're not sure.


The URL to link these to is:

Forgot to say - Readers' Choice round is exactly what it says - it's the readers who choose the winners. Judging will be back for the next full round, but this is your chance to have your say!
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