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Art Of Vidding Awards PIMPING!!

The Art Of Vidding Awards Best Of The Best: The Return is here!

I'm a judge over at the Art of Vidding Awards, a multi-fandom vidding site run by the amazing thedothatgirl. Every round we watch so many amazing vids created by hugely talented individuals and try to come up with the ones we think are the best.

It's hard, sometimes it's nigh on impossible, and do we get it right all the time? Well, last time I checked we are only human, so maybe you don't always agree with us. Maybe you completely agree and would love the chance to say so. Maybe you just want to find some links to some absolutely amazing vids so that you can watch them?

Well, you're in luck! We need your votes - please, come on over to our offices. Our rats are low... (sorry, was starting to channel Doyle there). Come vote!

(Please to be ignoring the 'me' part of the 'vote for me' on the banner - as a judge I'm not entered. As a not very good (yet...) vidder, I don't deserve to be!)
Tags: art of vidding awards
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