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Watching Supernatural with beer…

(Typed up the day after I wrote this, now posted in a state of sobriety)

Yeah. Here be issues with 4.16. 4.17 and US society and television. I have drunk far too much Stella Artois or I wouldn't be saying this but. Please, if you have issues what I say here, articulate them in debate. I've edited this so as not to intentionally flame, I hope and trust you will do me the same honour.

Here also be scans of my notepad which I keep handy (or try to, usually I end up flailing and saying 'I know I had a notepad in here somewhere!') for moments such as this. Apologies for the inscrutability of my handwriting. Although honestly? The beer has, if anything, made it more legible. And yes, in that final scan, that is my hand, with my favourite juggling ball/tangible emoticon. The 'spoiler free' band was supposed to be the one that was legible, but Steve worked his way in and the Groovin' On The Inside one is probably the most obvious… Steve. Dude. Love you honey, but there's a time and place…


Dude. Someone give that boy (Dean) a copy of the Lucifer graphic novels*

* spin-off from the Neil Gaiman Sandman graphic novels. - is Anna the equivalent of the dark-haired kid who's the daughter of Michael? (Been a while since I read them, emorpheus loaned them to me and can no doubt provide the elusive name?)


Dude. Have you read Involuntary Conversion? Really?

Really - I'm so spoiler free I didn't know the boys were coming back this year! (AJ and Travis! AWESOME!)

They should be wearing glasses

Haven't I read this fic somewhere?

Seriously. Sera. I read this fic already.

Thanks so much for the 'how to commit suicide by microwave' manual Sera!

Guy. Whatsisname. Ian. Could you sound more like Tom Lenk if you tried?

I'm drunk, but this episode kinda isn't great… is it?


Just got the Smith & Wesson gag. Puh-lease.

Really? I've read this fic. It got a special award at the S&B Awards.

Ooo. I get it. This fic* is designed so graphics makers can have extra material. Right.

* (I'm typing from the notes I wrote whilst watching the ep. I called the episode a fic. Is that a Freudian slip?)

Dude. The Doctor Who episode with Simon Pegg as the Editor. I saw that. I loved it. (even though I can't remember the title…). HR's on floor seven? Does anyone ever come back from there?

I saw Joss wear a t-shirt once that had the logo "HACK" on it. It was funny. Sera? Honey, I love you, you give us nekkid boys, but if you wore that t-shirt it wouldn't be a joke.


really. I read this fic.

Honestly. I judged it and everything. It's very good. You should read it.

Boys. AJ and Travis. I am so sorry I'm mocking your episode this year. I love you guys. Hyperactive though you may be, prone to climbing unsafe fire escapes though you may be, this episode aint great. I'm sorry.

I know from TV. This is meant to be the comedic episode before the angst, right? (I actually wrote 'rigth?' how can I make a typo when I'm writing?!!!)
This is the 'Girl in the Question' before the 'Not Fade Away', but really… you deserve more.

ANKLES! Oooo. I'm surprised you didn't chop guy off by ankles but…
*face splitting grin*
(lift shaft scene)

I read this fic. Really.

Old stuff doesn't burn that well without an accelerant

Ocean sound. Awesome.

Ooo, cars. Cars=Ocean. Does that make my mind screwed up?
(yeah, this is maybe more of a glimpse into my psyche than I would normally be happy with sharing if I weren't drunk - Dean hears cars. He recognises a life he's missing. I hear the ocean and cars and recognise the same thing. I'm not screwed up, I'm just living in the wrong place (not by the coast) and with the wrong transport options (I want a car again…).


Sera! Madison. Animal hospital? Really? HA!!!

'You don't know me pal. You should Go.'
- hello seriousity.

Other work. Go on, say 'family business'

as a non-Christian who was brought up in Christianity, can I just say this:

the serious stuff:

I'm aware that religion plays a much larger role in everyday life in the US than it necessarily does elsewhere, and that's actually been at the root of my problems with this show since the start of season four. I, personally, believe. I don't have Christian beliefs however, although since that is the church and society in which I was raised, those are the frames of reference I have at core.
I have, however, an inquisitive nature. And that inquisitiveness has found itself focused frequently on those ideologies and mythologies that contribute to modern society. So, whilst in no way an expert, I do know a little about that which I speak - and am more than willing, nay keen, to learn more.
I railed against Lilith last season. I argued into the night with friends over where I thought that particular arc was going. By the end of the season it seemed that I had been proven wrong, that my fears were unfounded, but… this season? We have angels.
A quote from me after seeing 4:01: "They've brought angels into it. Which could be very cool, but I don't know if a US show has the balls to deal with it the way it needs to be done."
I really hope that doesn't come across as bigoted in any way. I'm human, of course I have prejudices - it's in the nature of the beast - but I will not act on those prejudices and I would hate to think anyone reading this would take offence. If it were not for you, I wouldn't be who I am. I'm an idealist, I believe that a good story deserves to be told. That often butts up against the market-oriented philosophy that prevails in television. Particularly in US television.
Destiny with a capital D (thanks for putting that particular phrase in my mind Hep!) seems to dominate this season, and I can accept that except… somewhere in the interim I've lost the characters I loved. I don't care about Sam anymore; my tolerance for Dean is hanging by a thread. The only one I actually am rooting for, right at this moment, with 10 beer bottles in the glass recycle bin, is Castiel.
Based on 4.16 and 4.17, he's who I care about. And really? He's the only one I care about.
Dean's second. Sam's a very distant third.
At the risk of stealing words from my fictionalised Dean to Sam: "Stop being such a pissy bitch and grow the hell up."* (*this quote (or similar) will appear in a future episode of run from the darkness in the night)
This is not a make-or-break season for me. I won't ever stop watching this show. (Hell, I watched Buffy season 7 didn't I?) I may stop enjoying it though, and that saddens me.
I know this is probably going against fandom wishes but… I hope that next season is the last. I want this show to go out on top. I want it to not fade away. I don't want the bitterness and the 'what ifs' and the 'if XXX had been in charge's' to dominate once it's over. I want to remember this show for the awesome show it is.
And folks? It will be over. And speaking from experience - you really want it to stop before it gets stale.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but all good things come to an end.

The visual evidence:

And, typing this on Tuesday, sober this time I promise, damn I get maudlin after beer! The show will end, the show should hopefully end before it gets dull or bad, but that doesn't automatically mean that it should soon!
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