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I... um... need a favour

So apparently geocities is closing this year.

My first ever sites were hosted on that platform (and how hard am I trying not to type the word 'Geoshitties' right now?!)

The content is still there. A lot of content I have never transferred over to the other hosting sites.

Including some very, very old fic of mine.

That, I'm in two minds about rescuing before the files are lost, mostly because the reason I never transferred them is simply because they aren't very good.

But... I also hosted fic by other authors on there. smhwpf, willowmina, monkey_matt, claudia6913, rileysaplank and others. I think those guys deserve to have their work saved.

So... here's the favour. I simply do not have the time to spend online right now. I don't know when the files will disappear, so I'd like to back them up before too much longer.

Would anyone be willing to help me out with that? All it would involve would be saving the html files (you can even include the annoying geoshitties pop-ups and banners, they're easy enough to strip out once I get to the code). It would just take a little time which, right now, I just don't have.

If you're interested, please let me know either in a comment here or by messaging me.


(Still hiatusing by the way, thanks for the messages of support, they are much appreciated.)
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