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I wrote fic!

I should crosspost these I guess! Not really sure where to post the Willow/Angel one - any ideas?

Title Apples
Author Shona, aka Mara (whiskyinmind)
Rating 15/R
Pairing Xander/Faith
Notes for flyingcarpet. Ended up being so much darker than I expected, but I hope not *too* dark for you sweetie!
a/n #2 the prize of a drabble /ficlet with the pairing/character of your choice to the first person who correctly identifies where the title came from…

He never talks about it...


Title Minty Fresh
Author Shona, aka Mara (whiskyinmind)
Disclaimer Not my sandbox, Joss said I could play here for a while though…
Notes For velvetwhip who asked for Willow/Angel and Peppermint.

It's an odd feeling...

xandzfaith? Yours is coming soon! Everyone else? I'm still taking prompts...
Tags: fic
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