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Gakked from velvetwhip

Favorite word? Changes all the time... today it would probably be.... Supercilious - that's a great word.
Least favorite word? Cunt. I hate that word, I just... hate it. I use it so rarely that when I do use it, people who know me know I mean it.
What turns you on? ooo, trying to be a little more than shallow here.. Eyes. I have this thing for soulful eyes, If you can't look me in the eyes then forget it, you 'aint gettin' anywhere....
What turns you off? Liars.
Favorite sound? At the moment, the word "Sha!" - it's my two-year old nephew's attempt at saying Shona. I love hearing it!
Least favorite sound? My dog being sick on the carpet at 3 am. Like this morning.
Favorite curse word? Shite. A word I only hear from Scots or the Irish, but it's so expressive!
What job would you like to have other than your own? Journo - I'd hate to become jaded doing it, but the world of journalism fascinates me. What I want to do - my ideal career - is to be a published writer who does web design on the side.
What job would you never want to explore? Nursery Nurse. My sister's a depute manager at a nursery - I love my nephew and neice, but I'm so not good with kids!
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