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yet another 'dreamwidth' post

So yeah, I have a dreamwidth account now too. (same username) I'm not leaving LJ, I'm not sure what I'll use the DW site for, probably for fic/graphics posts and to follow peeps who moved.

I've randomly searched for some names I know and friended those journals, but if anyone else has accounts and wants me to add 'em (or doesn't mind me adding 'em!) please lemme know?


Now, I'm absolutely starving and only have a few minutes left on here anyway, so I guess this is it for a while! (Sorry, should explain that - the library's closed for the May Day bank holiday so I won't be online again 'till next week.)

nwhepcat? I am working on that thing you asked me about, do you still want it?
Tags: eljay, randomosity
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