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a friend in need's a friend indeed

Salt & Burn Awards Readers' Choice winners will be announced tomorrow not today.

I'm personalising the winners banners and one of the files I saved yesterday to review the fic was corrupted when I got home. So I have it now (uncorrupted, I checked) and will be doing that one tonight.

kitty_cat89 - thanks for your help on the text earlier, can I count on you to keep schtum as to the title/author of the fic in question until I post it? Thanks sweetie!

thedothatgirl you should now have a long-overdue email from me. I suck. I'm sorry. *hugs*

Glancing through my flist before I posted this has been kinda spoilery already, so until I catch up to 4.20 I'm not reading. (I know the latest ep to air was 4.21 but I'm further behind than you'd believe right now.) I have up to 4.20 at home, but I'm also going to be busy this weekend, so it might not be 'till Monday before I get to see 'em.

Please to be linking me to your news?

Niece's birthday in two days. She'll be two. I have a tenner to buy/make her a present unless my benefit comes in early. There's no toy shops in the village and the shops we do have are aimed at crafting-tourists and are therefore not cheap.

Any ideas what a two year old girl would like? (She's a big fan of that Monsters Versus Aliens film if that helps. Yes, I've now managed to make all four of them SF fans. Hee!)

A couple of weeks ago I posted some Leverage 1:03 (Two Horse Job) icons. I had made some alternates with text that I always meant to post but kinda forgot. So, for my flist (and anyone else who wanders by) some LVG icons!

Tags: art of vidding awards, i have the best friends, icons: leverage, salt & burn awards
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