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So a few months ago my desk chair died. I've been using one of my dining chairs in the interim but to be honest it's not actually all that comfortable for any length of time and - given how much time I sit at the computer with all the work I do on it and the fact that I watch most of my TV there as well - I really do need a new chair.

The village has a community initiative fund which takes over an old church on Saturdays and sells second hand furniture to raise money. So, this being Saturday, I put a tenner in my pocket and wandered in to see if there was a chair that would work.

There isn't, this week - I'll try again next week - but what there is is an absolutely beautiful old writing bureau. It's gorgeous. It's a little scratched on the surface and one of the supports needs replaced. (Neither of which is a problem for me - I'm good at stuff like that). It's marked at fifteen pounds which is - in my opinion - an absolute bargain for such a beautiful piece of furniture. It's lucky I only had a tenner otherwise I'd have bought it.

And now I'm sitting here thinking... where would I have put it? The writing surface is not big enough for my desktop computer so it would be used only as a writing desk. I don't have the room - and right now, I really don't have the money.

Doesn't mean I'm not hoping it's still going to be there in a couple of weeks when I'll know if I have more money or not.

Oooh! Also? Dollhouse is renewed? Awesome!
Tags: cranium meet furniture, dollhouse
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