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busy like a bee actually

I've been busy. All done for spring_of_cordy and all posted over at fandomsbitca

LiveJournal layout I'll be that girl

Header image (scaled down image to fit!)

working preview

Codes etc here!

Also included in that post are four layout specific icons, three non-layout specific icons and two other livejournal headers.

And - there's more! I also have fic!

Title Maybe not such a bad idea after all
Author Shona aka Mara
Rating 15 (not quite R)
Spoilers Set during Blind Date
Summary Angel might think Lindsey McDonald is fighting the good fight, but it takes more than baring one's soul to convince Cordelia Chase. (Baring something else…well, that's a different story…)
Notes Written for spring_of_cordy.

Comments are love!

Also? So much love for hopeless_cynic - girl, you got me smiling yesterday when I didn't think anything could. And sorry for blanking that last text, as you might be able to tell, I'm in the library - will reply soon though!
Tags: fic, graphics, i have the best friends, lj layouts
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