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Dear eljay

Gonna stop all this crap with random spam friending? Just for me? I've had like fifteen of them this week alone and it really is bugging the crap out me.

In somewhat related news - I have two dreamwidth invite codes up for grabs. First come, first served: leave a comment here and I'll do what I can to set you up.

Sho (far too busy to be posting on eljay but somehow finding the time anyway)

Oh - by the way, I managed to get my new phone set up for Twitter posting and after a couple of months away from it I'm back. Has this anything to do with watching the insanity that is Misha on there? Well... yes, actually, it kinda is.

eta note to self, when you add something to your memories make sure you label it properly. I've literally just spent forty minutes looking for a specific icon tutorial. *headdesk*

I found it in the end but given that I saved it two years ago, could not remember the name of the icon maker and all I could remember was the colouring and the fact that it used the 'feena casual' font, I think I did pretty well trawling through my links!
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