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I'm back!

I'm home from the convention. I've no voice left. I am shattered.

I worked 12 hours on Friday starting at midday, I worked about 14 hours on Saturday starting at 7am and ending when we got too bleary eyed to carry on, I worked 19 hours yesterday (Sunday) ending at just before 2 when the last of the photos that we managed to print were out. So all in, I've had next to no sleep, I was very bad and didn't eat enough all weekend (half a Wispa bar, four slices of pizza and one quite small breakfast all weekend really isn't enough...) and I didn't keep myself hydrated enough. BUT. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I had so much fun! All of the attendees were wonderful - I had so many people come up and thank me and the team for the work we were doing, I had people worried about me - giving me throat pastilles, a whistle, chocolate and even the odd pint of beer - fans really are the best people. I did tell people I met my LJ name when it came up, you are more than welcome to friend me if you find me - in fact I would love to catch up with you all again!

I have some shout outs to make in case you guys manage to find me.

Sofie, Amy, Sam, Scottish Sam, Donna, Sarah, the girl who dragged me into the end of the Jason gig after I was done with photo distribution on Saturday and whose name I am completely blanking on even though you told me at least twice and we spent most of Sunday afternoon/evening together, Nick, Kat, Bex, Natalie, Samantha, tall PA with the short dark hair, Jen, Cassie, A/V guy who was suprisingly tolarent of me appearing every ten minutes to up the numbers on the autograph queues, Wayne, Paul, Tracy, Dougie, Brian, Guy in FBI shirt (Matt?), everyone who worked the autograph queues both in the hall and with me outside, everyone who volunteered to help with photo distribution on the Sunday night, and every other 'red shirt' whose names I am completely blanking on.

You guys rock!

In case you stumble on this post but aren't sure who I am - I was selling coffee lounge tickets on Friday, autograph queue control on Saturday, working the mike with the smallest queue during the J2 panel on Saturday, photo distribution on Saturday evening, autograph queue control on Sunday (with the whistle 'cause I had no voice left by then), and photo distribution from after the closing ceremony until 2am. That's me!

Thank you also to everyone who came up to thank me and my team of helpers. I/We had so much fun doing what we were doing but to hear that our work was so appreciated is amazing.

And finally:

Malik and Gabe - the stuff you and the A/V guys were playing at with the on-screen displays was awesome and hilarious, but I really needed to get announcements out - you couldn't have picked a better time? *g*

Misha. Misha Collins. You are a bad, bad man.

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