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again i fail...

I didn't ask for it, but the librarian booked me on for two hours here. I was planning on staying that long and doing every damn thing I could to catch up.

But... I can't sit here any longer.

I'm so sorry - I swear I will catch up, and soon! (Links as always appreciated!)

Right - here's the point of the post. The White Knight Awards for Xander-centric fanfiction will be opening for nominations on Monday. Would anyone be interested in acting as a guest judge for this round? It will be - as always - a popular vote round, but I would like some chance to acknowledge those writers whose talent can go unrecognised in these sites.

If you're interested, please either comment here or send me a PM.


Now I'm going to go attempt to make some graphics on my rapidly degenerating monitor at home. (For as long as I can force myself to sit in front of a computer that is!)
Tags: i have the best friends, white knight awards, wka
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