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Salt & Burn Awards - Call For Judges

(this time I'm managing to stagger the awards sites so I'm not making banners for them both at the same time!)

The Salt & Burn Awards will be opening up for nominations at the start of July (I haven't worked out the date yet - it depends when I can get online for long enough to ensure it doesn't crash). We need judges.

Judges are assigned a category/categories and required to read each story nominated in that category. They are then asked to compile a rating for each story based on a formula and criteria which I (as webmistress and chief judge) will supply to the volunteers.

We are looking for judges who will do their best to remain as objective as possible; and we are desperate for judges from all parts of the fandom. Gen, het, canon, AU, slash, wincest, RPS, angst, comedy - fans of all genres are invited to apply.

You don't need to have judged at an awards site before, you don't need to be a writer, you don't even need to be a regular reader.

All we would ask is that you love the show and are willing to read fanfic.

(if you are absolutely averse to reading fic within a particular category, you are perfectly welcome to request that in your application and we'll accomodate you as best as we're able.

To apply to be a judge, please either reply to this post (comments screened) or email awards @ with the following details:

Contact email:
What you would prefer to judge:
What you'd rather not judge:
Why should you be a judge?:

Name: Shona aka Mara
Contact email: mara_sho @
What you would prefer to judge: supporting characters, angst, comedy
What you'd rather not judge: RPS (and not so keen on Wincest). I will judge these categories if required though.
Why should you be a judge?: Because it's my site. Hee!

Thank you!
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