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I should be writing...

Seriously, I have two SC fics to finish - when I say finish, I mean actually do more than assign sections in a notepad to them and scribble notes and various snippets of dialogue and you know, maybe write them!. I also have all of my many, many, many works in progress to tackle, as well as the (now kinda late) Dark Angel 'pulse' tribute tale I was planning (shoulda been posted at the start of this month, has barely been thought of since March). And then there's all these graphics I need to do, and the follow up to 'Shelter' that I'm now committed to (plus I really want to finish both Crimson Regret and WaDaDM now). So what did I do this morning?

Snoozed most of the morning away, watched the F1 qualifying for a while, wandered around the village for a bit and then ended up here in the library.

Yeah, that's gonna get the writing done!

Ooo! I know - I could post the ficlet flyingcarpet beta'd for me ages ago. *checks pen drive* yay! It's there! 'kay... that'll be the third fic I've posted this week then. Dude, I'm on a roll here!

(side note, guy behind me just fell off his chair, he's fine, nothing but bruised pride, but I twisted to see what the hell happened and now *my* back is hurting. Shame Injury Lawyers 4 U don't have a remit in Scotland innit?)

ETA so as not to be spammy:

Title: That Short Forever
Author: Shona aka Mara
Rating: PG-13/15 for theme
Series: run from the darkness in the night...
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Faith
Fandoms: Supernatural/Buffyverse
Timeframe: Mid-way through an alternate version of s4
Notes: Originally written for the fic_variations prompt of ‘Bullet’ but I completely failed on finishing the rest of the fics for that challenge and so never posted it.
Beta: The fabulous flyingcarpet who deserves all the credit for taking one look at my rambling sentences and pointing out they don’t actually make any sense. Thanks sweetie!

Link to the entry on fandomsbitca
Tags: boredom, fic, procrastinators r us
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