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That Short Over? Huh?

It's 'That Short Forever'. Not over. That short forever is a play on words, that short over doesn't make sense unless you play/follow cricket and I don't.

Just, y'know, to let you know.

(One of the newsletters messed up the title of the ficlet I posted at the weekend - it annoyed me more than it should, I might be PMSing...)

Also? Everyone in Saltcoats who saw me fall this morning? I'm fine. Thanks so much for checking. </sarcasm> (Yes, my random falling over for no reason seems to have kicked in again. Can heyfever affect the inner ear? might be that I guess.)

Robin told me on Saturday that my A3 photos were in the post. They didn't come this morning. I want my Misha picture dammit!

You know what? I'm having a bad start to the week so far - anyone wanna write me a fic to cheer me up?

*bats eyelashes*

ETA *snorts* - hopeless_cynic? That fic you just texted me was made of win. You should post it here! (second edit - it's in the comments. I really do have the best friends don't I?)
Tags: i have the best friends, i love my fandoms!, real life sucks
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