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Stuff and things!

1: What the hell happened to Casey Stoner? (Moto GP) He just kept on dropping back and back in the race... Well done Rossi, solid win, nowhere near as exciting as the last one, but a worthy one nonetheless!

2: When did I suddenly get so into sport? I've never been averse to it ('cept football and cricket, they bore me) but lately I've been watching everything I can. Hence the tennis icons.

3: Tennis icons:

Want, take, comment, credit, have.

4: The White Knight Awards close for nominations in three days. There's still lots of places left - go! Nominate! Please?

5: I perpetrated a ficlet last night. Not for any of the things I'm now overdue with, because that would have made sense, but for a new comm launched by aaronlisa called 10_darkangel. I'll be posting it and linking to it in a minute. *nods*
Title: the angels cry
Rating: PG
Prompt: 10_darkangel Prompt Table 1:1 - Escape
Character: Ben. X5-493.
Summary: The '09ers leave Manticore. Ben's right there with them.

6: thedothatgirl, absolutely. Just because you can do something definitiely doesn't mean you should. *nods*

7: hopeless_cynic, you are a star.
Tags: balls, fic, i have the best friends, icons, randomosity, white knight awards
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