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*kicks internet*

Why is it, on the days when I have something really important to do, my access to t'internet is patchy to say the least?

I'm trying to download all the nominated fics in this round of the White Knight Awards so that I can start making a decision on a judge's choice. (Obviously my fic isn't included in that!) and every single page is taking forever to open.

And... I apparently decided it would be a brilliant idea to close nominations on the day that I can't get access because the library's closed. *shakes head* so... nominations will actually remain open until Thursday lunchtime (UK time) when the library opens again.


I really need to get access at home again...

I should really use a Xander icon but I'm still recovering from the tenseness that was Andy's match last night so to celebrate I'm using my Murray icon.
Tags: gimme my broadband back!, white knight awards
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