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Salt & Burn Awards announcement

Due to some personal issues I've not been able to launch the awards as planned. They will still be running this month, but the launch date is currently scheduled for Monday 6th July.

Sorry for the delay guys.

If anyone is interested in being a judge this round (or any future rounds) please let me know.

I made a wallpaper yesterday, it's relatively simple for me (only took 11 layers not counting text) Eliza Dushku promo shots from Wrong Turn - Bullet Proof (i wish i was)

Am also gutted that Andy Murray didn't make it to the final, even though I like Roddick and am pleased for him. The good thing is that hopeless_cynic and I won't have to fall out over the final (She's a Fed fan, if Murray had gotten through we'd have been on opposing supporters camps) and as such can use up the last 12 texts on my phone cheering on Roger.
Tags: balls, salt & burn awards, wallpapers
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