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Shells again!

Okay so again with the LJ cut because a few of you are at Sky One rate for Angel....

okay, so I haven't watched it again yet but I thought I'd put this up before the next episode airs so I can get it off my chest.

I used to adore Joss, I thought he was one of the last original writers out there in a highly un-original medium (television) and much as I love the recent upturn in quality in recent episodes (is it a conicidence these episodes have featured Alexis Denisof?!) I have to admit the originality just isn't there anymore.

Now, I watch Stargate, I wouldn't go out of my way to make sure I see the new episode as soon as possible. I watch it when it's on if I'm around and when a new episode is on I usually am around. So anyway, as soon as I saw the whole scene where Wes is demanding that Illyaria leave and make way for Fred all I could see is Daniel Jackson saying "something of the host remains...."

Sorry Joss, I know the whole Fred/Illyria thing might seem original, but Stargate fans got bored of it six years ago.

I still love the episode though!
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