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technical personal site question

Taking the time I'm ignoring real life to catch up with my online stuff and I realised I haven't actually updated my own site with half of the things I've written/created lately. It's 'cause I'm lazy to be honest, and even though I love working with code, updating an already existing page is kinda dull.

So... I'm halfways towards considering implementing a blog on the index page which will be quicker to update. I toyed with this idea before and used a programme called Cute News for a while, but got so much spam on it it's beyond the joke. So my question is this: should I embed a blog on the page, and if so what's the best one to use? I guess I could embed the fandomsbitca LJ on there, but I kinda like being able to control the page design better than LJ does. I was leaning towards WordPress but I've never used it before - anyone out there in LJLand used it and have any reviews on it?

Or, if anyone has any other suggestions, I'm all ears!

Also - please go go nominate at the Salt & Burn Awards? We're doing better and the quality of the nominees is kinda awesome, but the quantity... isn't.


(eta or maybe I shouldn't even be thinking of coding right now since it took me four attempts to get the HTML right on this post!)
Tags: fandom's bitch, hiatus of sorts, salt & burn awards, websites
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