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LJ Layout query: adding tags list to 'Quite Lickable' layout (PAID accounts)

thedothatgirl asked if I knew how to make the tags list to the sidebar on the 'Quite Lickable' layout and after doing some research, I figured I'd put the means and method up here so other people can use it if they like.

Go to the 'Advanced Customization developed area

Click on image for full size screenshot

click on "Your Layers"

Click on image for full size screenshot.

Don't worry if yours doesn't look like this - I've changed my layout so many times and I never delete anything...

You should see one that says "Child of layer 12345: Quite Lickable" (the numbers won't be 1234, obvs.) and there should hopefully be one that says "Auto-generated Customizations".

Click on the 'Edit' button of that one

Click on image for full size screenshot.

Again, don't worry if yours doesn't look like this, that's my journal and I've put so much in there it's scary. What you should have is basically the CSS of your layout and any customisations you've made with regards text etc.

Scroll right to the bottom of what you have and insert this:

function Page::lay_print_paraphernalia() {

function Page::lay_print_custom_paraphernalia() {
paraphernalia_box_open("tag list","Tag List");
print "<ul>";
foreach var TagDetail t ($this->visible_tag_list()) {
print "<li><a href='"+$t.url+"'>"+$" ("+$t.use_count+")</a></li>";
print "</ul>";

Click on 'Save & Compile' at the top of the page and cross your fingers - if it works, along the bottom part of the screen should say "compiled with no errors" and you're done. If it doesn't say that, go back and delete the code you've just put in and lemme know...


Hope that helps!
Tags: lj layouts
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