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Wanted. Banner Makers.

Or else people to kick my arse and tell me to stop procrastinating.

Really struggling with the WKA banners right now, I've always tried to make these as personalised as possible as possible but this round I'm just struggling.

Not because of any lack of interest, mostly because I suck.

Seriously, if anyone graphically-inclined is willing to lend a hand, my inner control freak could be stamped on long enough...

Also? Apparently I've already hit my "fair usage" limit on my phone's internet access. I need to cancel it. It's so not worth it.

(and, in case you're interested, the song the 'radio in my head is playing' *almost* made it onto the Dean/Castiel mix I posted last month. Luckily thedothatgirl's common sense overruled my impulses. (not that it's not a good song, 'cause it is, but it really didn't fit these two, apart from the fact that Misha has the most amazingly clear eyes...))

Also? I have a deadline for whedon20in20 for tomorrow. I don't think I'll be making that deadline.

I SUCK!!!!!
Tags: procrastinators r us, white knight awards

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