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17 September 2009 @ 02:40 pm
Public Service Announcment  
I have the best friends.

thedothatgirl, who has been stoicly keeping me up to date with "my shows" by sending me disks full of 'em for a while now, also sent me a 2GB pen drive this week. Honey, I don't care if it was a freebie - I appreciate it more than I can put into words. *hugs*

jgracio, you... are amazing. Thank you. *squish*

smhwpf, you are still one of my favourite ever people. *clings*

And, although I am sadly really late to the party, I would like to say that any Buffyverse fen on my flist who is/are not following waddis? You are missing out.

Seriously, I caught up on most of his fics yesterday (thanks to my new pen drive!) and absolutely love his writing. His Xander voice is so perfect that I actually sat yesterday after finishing chapter 20 of "He's No Jack Sparrow" and thought 'this is either Joss or Jane Espenson sock-puppeting'. If you are? Dude. If you're not? Duuude, you write canon better than some of the show writers did!

And it's not just Xander he writes well, every character he's turned his hand to he's nailed (so to speak!). Including that ever elusive and ever changing Lindsey dynamic. Lindsey facing off with Angel? Never easy to write well, and yet he does it.

Brilliant stuff.

So, if you're not already, go check out waddis. You will not regret it, I promise you.

eta *snorts* - there's a guy in the library watching stuff on YouTube (without headphones) and right now he's watching a fanvid. A Buffy fanvid. Centred on Faith - it's not one I've seen, think I should point him towards bradcpu's stuff? *g*
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Mary: dean is batman for srsfresleyforever on September 17th, 2009 04:21 pm (UTC)
I'm doing well. My dad's back over here so he can start giving money to my mum.They're still separated. The woman from America is coming over next month to visit him.

I'm still on the job hunt whilst doing some overtime and volunteering for charities. My writing class started on Monday but it was mostly an induction. I'm excited for it and I hope it will make more confident in my writing.

I've read up to chapter 10 so far. I've got to go to work soon so I'll hopefully finish it later on.

Love your icon hee!