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In lieu of an actual post, have a meme!

The userpics meme - from sorchasilver

01. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons. (*caveat, it's a long weekend in Scotland and the library's closed on both Sunday and Monday, so it might be a while before I get back to you!)
02. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!


This was part of an LJ layout set I made for the spring_of_cordy comm this year (one of the few things I've actually managed to complete on deadline this year!) and I just loved the way the b/w/red worked with this picture. The whole set is called 'I'll be that girl' and I tend to use it when I'm being ever-so-slightly cheeky. Which, I am a lot. Those of you who know me in RL? Yeah, I'm sarcastic and cheeky almost to the point of being bitchy sometimes.


Apart from the fact I wanna re-make it because the contrast isn't right, I kinda love this icon. It's Misha being Misha, definitely not Castiel. Hence the 'No Angel' thing. Also? It's a comment on the fact that Misha is a cheeky son of a bitch as well and definitely is not angelic.


I was experimenting with styles for a while, took the concept from padabee. At the time I liked it (and the others I made in that style) but I'm thinking of getting rid of it. I wanted a Leverage team icon, but I don't think I've actually ever used it.


Another of my experimental colouring ones, and my experimental 'negative space' concepts. I love this one and happen to be using it a lot at the moment, because it's actually the only Bobby-esque icon I have and I'm following nwhepcat's 'Bobby and the Slayers' drabbles.


I went through a phase of using a lot of text icons, and this is actually one of my favourites. It's made by rightonicons and is an Eddie Izzard quote. I get irked by the oddest things sometimes, and mis-pronunciations is one of them. Scone is another one that gets me. It's rhymed with 'gone' as far as I'm concerned. On the other hand 'erbs' seems to be the accepted North American pronunciation and as such I now try to think of it as a word in a foreign language so that I don't end up screaming at the TV all the time.



I'm a Kane fan, have been since forever, and was absolutely gutted to miss out on their last tour in the UK (and yes, the Steve mania the following year partly stemmed from that!). I wa so lucky to have friends who were willing to share their photos with me (derryderrydown and hopeless_cynic both) and this icon is made from those. Dude. Look at Chris's face! That man is just... I have a type, and he is the epitome of it. What more can I say? Up until that point I didn't have an icon with both of my boys in it, and this was just the perfect one to make up for that for me!
(Also on that tour... the amazing aditu_az (miss you honey, it's been way too long) called me up after one of the gigs and handed her phone to someone who then spent a good ten minutes talking to me. Saying how he wished I'd been there, asking what I was wearing... *g* Hence the icon I'm using now. *g*


also from Sorcha - the LJ meme

Username: mara_sho

This name was chosen when I was transitioning from being anonymous in fandom to letting people know the real me. For a long while I'd been MaraJaded on various forums and when I moved to LJ I made the choice to share part of my real name hence the Sho.
Mara Jade, for those of you who don't know (and if you don't? *sigh*) is a character in the Star Wars Extended Universe. She's introduced in Tim Zahn's 'heir to the empire' trilogy and is ambiguously not-evil/not-good. She worked for the Emperor as a Force sensitive but through the books comes to the light side (not that she ever really was dark, but that's another argument!) and ends up marrying Luke. (and then gets her character assasinated through the New Jedi Order series and Sho stops reading...) hee!
The Sho is just the short form of Shona. It got shortened because I'm lazy when typing and used to sign emails Sho instead of Shona. Trouble is I more often than not add an 'xx' at the end so it's not actually shorter!

My journal name is: "the one in ten". It's from the UB40 song of the same name, I was watchign a documentary on the BBC a few weeks ago called "The Autistic Me" and the song came into my head when they started spouting statistics. It's an old favourite song of mine.
I'm probably going to change the name soon though - before 1 in 10 it was 'one of a number of possible options' which I realised made me sound like a sock puppet. I'm not, and that wasn't the intention. It's a Del quote from Sandman (well actually it's a Barnabas quote to Del "I'd rather you didn't treat gravity as though it was one of a number of options").

My title is: "Pimentos, honey, Pimentos" How to explain this... Steve Carlson song Happy Hour has a line in it when the woman asks for a drink with "Two green olives with the red things in" and the first time I heard it I shouted out "Pimentos, honey, pimentos!" (I may have been slightly innebriated myself). After that it kinda became a catchphrase.

My subtitle is: "(not at all obsessed with olives)" because it ties in with the title.

My friends page is called: "other obsessive types" because again, it ties in.

I should point out that I'll be changing these soon since the people with whom this was a joke are no longer really in my life.

My default icon is: which is Dean/Cas. My current SPN obsession. It's made from the artwork for my (i need) someone to put my trust in fanmix. Again I'll be changing it soon because it's been my default for ages and I tend to rotate them. Or make new ones. I'm feeling Leverage-y right now!

Have seen SPN 5.01 but not 5.02 yet.
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