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Another 'What planet are Scuzz TV on?' question.

Scuzz TV had the top 100 signature tracks chart today, and we'll ignore the fact that this should really mean 100 artists/artistes with their one signature track and allow the channel to play more than one track each (because otherwise Sho will explode) and wonder just what it is that makes a signature track.

Metallica hit number one on the chart. What do you think was their 'signature track' according to 'Scuzz TV' (which I was dropping in and out of whilst watching other shows and only really caught the top ten of, nonetheless two of the following made that shortlist, and one of these didn't make the chart but happens to be my favourite Metallica track...)

The Signature Metallica Track:

Some Kinda Monster
Unforgiven II
Enter Sandman

edit SPN fen? You need to read dotfic's meta.
And SPN & Firefly fen? Seriously. Go and follow nwhepcat's journal. I feel awful that I've yet to comment on a fic that sent shivers up my spine (in a good way) - she writes the most amazing, thoughtful, contemplative and insightful fic. I am so happy that one of my favourite writers is now writing in the SPN verse, and am even more happy that she is mixing my other fandoms with it. Seriously, go. read. And Honey? a sensible review of Still Waters is coming. I swear it.
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