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teh pretteh picspam

So, y'all know I've had a particularly shitty week this week. So to brighten things up?

Some of these pics are gi-fricking-normous in their original size (yes Brian, I'm looking at you here!) so I've linked 'em all. Click to open full size in a new window.

Yeah, I clearly have a 'type' don't I? Heh!

Please feel free to admire, use the pics for graphics, do what you will. All I'd ask in return is that you spam the comments with your own pretteh. Go on, you know you want to.

(Also, I know I still haven't posted the fic I was going to last week. I've not been in the right frame of mind for it - I'm sorry, it is coming though.
Tags: christian kane, eliza, jared padasomething, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen, misha's not an angel, nick brendon is my handbag, picspam, sean maher's back, smg, steeeeeeeeve!!!!, teh pretteh
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