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It's all Misha's fault

Well, everything is all Misha's fault. Really it is.

So on Saturday I sent a text to hopeless_cynic telling her I was about to post a chapter of a fic to LJ. Here's what I said: "Of course in an hour when the library opens and I get to post it, people will probably hate it. Or ignore it completely. Heh!"

Well, no one ever accused me of an over-abundance of self-confidence did they?

It's been so long since I posted any of Crimson Regret that I honestly thought people would have given up on it. I am kinda flabbergasted at the response. *hugs flist*

I am now completely committed to finishing this story by the end of this year at the latest, and since it's moved into the end game, I'm thinking it'll be a lot sooner than that. I love this universe (which in my 'fic' directory on my computer I have called 'Fallen' - in my defence I did start it before using Evanescence songs became cliched...) and even when CR is done I don't think I'll be able to let it alone.

Which brings me to a question for y'all. I'm going to attempt NaNo again this year, although given that it's an odd-numbered year I don't think I'll finish it (going by my previous record that is!) and my inclination is to finish/re-write Final Straw. Or at least play in that universe for 50,000 words. My question is this - FS is another F/X based story but with a very different starting point. It's also post-Chosen and there is a kind of isolationary theme going on (what can I say - I write what I know (is being totally self-mocking)).

So... the question, finally, is it a valid idea to be writing two completely different stories at the same time using the same characters? Will the writing on CR suffer? (The quality of the NaNo one is not the biggest priority.)

*is perplexed*

re: the icon... hopeless_cynic, you had to know it was coming, right? Heh!
Tags: in-jokes ftw!, nano, writing
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