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Samhain wishes

To all my Pagan and Wiccan friends - may Samhain be everything you need or want it to be,

To every else, happy Hallowe'en!

By dint of having a broken hand, I've managed not to be roped into helping at my sister's Hallowe'en party this year - she's having it in the house and I did help her decorate it yesterday. It looks awesome. Me, I'm going to be doing nothing much. I'll do the ritual and then spend the rest of the time watching cheesy horror films I think - there's a Big Brother related horror film on Channel 4 tonight (or maybe it's E4, it's on that group of channels anyway) which I'll give a look and then no doubt hate (since I loathe reality TV) and go back to watching the old standards...

Is now off to replenish the stock of popcorn...
Tags: flist love, i have the best friends
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