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NaNoWriMo 2009

Was gonna put a widget in here, but the service seems to be down right now due to so many people using it.

Ah well, here's my total so far:


0 / 50000 words. 0% done!


To be fair, it does hurt to type, it's impossible to write longhand, and I've been kinda busy for the past couple of days. I'm done with what needed to be done now, and am getting back on track so the writing will be kicking off when I get home and get some painkillers in me.

I am again doing fanfic, one of these years I will be organised enough to create character profiles and a story bible for an original creation before November comes around, but this is not that year. I decided not to do the Final Straw idea since CR isn't finished yet and it could create a whole squealy-feedback-loop in my brain if I write two F/X stories set in the same general situation. The current plan is a post-Chosen/pre-NFA ensemble story. And that's pretty much all I'm gonna say about it right now. Once it's underway I may put it up on a filter here, or if I like it enough, I may just post it to fandomsbitca as I'm doing it. I'll see.

And now I'm going to go buy some coffee and curse ScotDeli for closing for refurbishment in the very month I am going to need those chocolate-covered espresso beans...
Tags: nano, nanowrimo, the writing room, writing
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