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Scaphoid is not fractured - huge relief - carpal is. So I don't have a broken hand, I have a broken wrist. Bugger.

The pain is getting easier to cope with though so it's not as bad as it could be.

Other things - NaNo is currently standing at 3,312 words which is below target but since I started late I'm not too bothered. I will probably start posting it somewhere next week.

In prep for it, I've been re-watching Angel s5. Man I miss that show! I got to 'Hole in the world' last night - and wept.

And I've started being able to listen to Steve with a smile on my face again. Various reasons, mostly to do with bad memories, had robbed me of that simple joy - and if you know how much I love music, you'll know how much joy I get out of my favourite performers.

I'm smiling now.

And I'm back on full strength meds - still have to tell my doctor that. Ooops!

eta - what happened to lmzjewel? Ruth? Honey, is everything okay? (*feels awful that she hasn't seen it before*)
Tags: angel, i do laugh sometimes..., i is broked, i'm not emo all the time..., nano, nanowrimo, steeeeeeeeve!!!!, the writing room
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