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random posts r us

I know I've not been commenting lately and I've been more often absent than I am posting, but I'm still kicking around, never fear.

I feel terrible that I'm not reading much fic at the moment (waddis - you have your own folder on my desktop at home in which I put all the chapters of Jack Sparrow that I've still to read - I will be catching up after November, and hey, maybe I'll even start commenting!) - I plan to go back and read the lot. I'm just trying to get through this month without chocolate covered coffee beans and without killing anyone. :)

Despite the broken wrist, I want to photoshop as well - I've signed up for an icon challenge which has awesome prompts, but I'm finding it tough to get the inspiration. It'll come, but it's annoying to keep opening and shutting that damn PS7 programme. Especially since my computer's not as young as it once was and it takes longer and longer to run a programme that's a big a memory hog as that one is. (And if Photoshop takes a long time, don't even get me started on how long it takes Premier Pro to kick in!)

I'm about four or five eps behind on most of my shows and although I do miss them, I'm not so antsy about them as I was this time last year. *shrugs* maybe it's 'cause there's so many other things going on.

And finally, and most randomly, in this random post of randomosity, I just have this to say:

Chris Kane is made of win.

Just 'cause. (I've been listening to Kane again lately and every time it makes me grin.)
Tags: finding motivation, i aten't dead, random, randomosity

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