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So far behind...

I've not been online much at all since the weekend, and not for the reasons I wanted that to be. I haven't moved yet, there's nothing wrong with the flat (apart from Scottish Gas taking a stupid amount of time to activate my account there and the central heating being gas fired...). There's something wrong with me. I've been (as I put it rather crudely in a text earlier today) unable to get too far from a bucket or a bathroom in the last five days. The kids (whom I really have to come up with some kind of naming function for now that they all have distinct personalities... hmmm. I'll think on that some) all had/have it, sis had it, BiL had it. I can't get rid of it.

(and just FYI sis, when your kid sister calls you sounding really low and asks for advice, telling her to 'suck it up and fight through it' isn't exactly what she needed to hear. I was kinda hoping for some sympathy, not a drill sergeant...)

I'm about to venture into my flist, but I can tell you already I'm over a week behind and have limited time here (57 steps from the single public bathroom in the library - hope it's close enough if it comes to it!) If there's something - no matter how important or insignificant - you want me to see, please let me know or link me?


Ooh! Also! smileawhile?! I *never* check my hotmail, I don't know what prompted me to do it, and I don't know if you'll see this but SQUEE!!!!! Honey! I am so happy for you!

(and finally another little moan from me, yet another part of my computer has decided it's too old to work properly. My CD/DVD drive is packing up. And of course the three files that refuse to open/transfer/copy from the latest disk are SPN episodes... I'm going to try to get them onto my pendrive at sis's house (the library computer doesn't even recognise there's a disk in when I try it here) so I can watch 'em. *grumble*)
Tags: computer woes, family, flist love, i hate being sick, somewhere i can call home
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