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For some reason the music channels keep playing U2 today, so I drug out my video of Rattle and Hum and stuck it on. I haven't watched it for a good few years and I was immediately struck by how fitting this song is for post-Chosen Xander. It's Exit from the Joshua Tree album (aka, one of the last really good U2 albums - sorry to anyone who likes their later stuff, but nothing can match War for me)

Anyway, this song has a lot of built up frustration and darkness which to me seems to fit perfectly. *shrugs* maybe I'm strange like that.

You know he got the cure
You know he went astray
He used to stay awake
To drive the dreams he had away
He wanted to believe
In the hands of love

His head it felt heavy
As he cut across the land
A dog started crying
Like a broken hearted man
At the howling wing
At the howling wind

He went deeper into black
Deeper into white
Could see the stars shining
Like nails in the night
He felt the healing
Healing, healing
Healing hands of love
Like the stars shiny shiny
From above

Hand in the pocket
Finger on the steel
The pistol weighed heavy
His heart he could feel
Was beating, beating
Beating, beating oh my love
Oh my love, oh my love
Oh my love

My love

Saw the hands that build
Can also pull down

The hands of love
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