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Fic up for adoption

So, I've been thinking about doing this for awhile now, a couple of years to be honest, and I've finally decided to let it go.

I am not going to ever be able to finish Off Course because I started to be bored by, and then eventually to hate Lost.

So the story is up for adoption, if you want to take it and run with it then it's yours. The only thing I'd ask is that if you use my original starting chapter you acknowledge me as the writer of that part.

In the Angel ep Damage there was talk of Giles sending 'his best man' to help, and then Andrew shows up.

My thought was that it was originally Xander who was going, that's why he was on the plane, but obviously it crashed and they had to scramble to send someone else, hence Andrew. (Yeah, not an Andrew fan in case you hadn't worked that one out yet...)

The story began as a challenge response and the request asked for flashbacks of Xander acting as Watcher to an Australian Slayer, I had originally planned to actually have Faith acting as mentor to the girl and Xander just travelling but being caught back up in slayage one night in Sydney when he mistakes the new girl for a vampire.

Faith decides to tag along with him to LA because she recognises he needs someone around (and also, she wants to see Angel again).

And yes, it does start to fall into the trap of Xander trying to work solo and realising he's better with people around him. Like so many of my fics at the time! The difference here was that he never tried to cut anyone out, he was still in contact with everyone, no animosity (except possibly towards Andrew, I mentioned I'm not a fan, right?).

I actually toyed with the idea of having Claire be the Slayer Faith had been mentoring, or possibly an undiscovered Slayer, but I guess that wouuld depend on just where Lost ended up taking her character and whether the new writer wants to go down that route.

And now the seriously spoilery bit for where my story was going:

There was a bad guy, there was a ad guy who knew about summoning demons and a little about magic. That bad guy would have summoned a demon who caused the crash and was keeping them on the island. And yes, that bad guy was Andrew.

Now obviously Lost kinda disputes that, I think, I dunno I gave up in season 3. And whoever wants to take the start can freely do whatever they want to it. Those were just my original plans.

So that's it. If you want it, it is yours, just let me know?

Off Course, yours for the asking
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