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So I decided

I'm going to the gig.

Even if I end up on my own (I was going to say 'in a corner on my own' but I fully intend to be front and centre of that stage if I can!) I'm going - it's Steve. No matter what else is going on, he's one of my favourite performers and I am going.

There probably won't be any kind of confrontation because I'm in a better place these days and am more aware of how not to see everything as a personal attack. Doesn't mean it always works, but the whole counting to ten thing does have its uses!

Completely different topic now, I signed up for the Jossverse Big Bang project as an artist. I claimed a fic, not the one I originally wanted because that one didn't actually show up on the claims list (I'm guessing it didn't work out or didn't get finished in time) but am pretty happy with the fic I'm working with. Thing is, there were more artists than writers in the end so there are two artists on some of the fics, including the one I'm doing. I don't have a problem with it, but it's definitely going to make things interesting! The other artist working on the same fic as me has been in touch and I think we'll be good - there doesn't seem to be any stepping on each other's toes at the moment and we have very different styles so it should be fun to see the results!

My main problem is that I don't actually have a desk right now. My PC is sitting on a coffee table in the spare room right now, and sitting on the floor working at it gets old real quick. The village has a second hand furniture sale every Saturday to raise money for the Community Initiative, so I'm going to take a look there and see if I can get something there tomorrow, but getting it to the flat might be an issue...

Problems, problems.

I'm rambling now, betcha missed that when I was gone!
Tags: brave new world outlook, jossverse big bang
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