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busy busy busy...

This wasn't meant to be a busy week, it was meant to be quite quiet until tomorrow but hell if it didn't suddenly swamp me with stuff!

Sorry I've been absent again, like I say, I've been busy. I'm hoping to be a lot calmer after the weekend and should be back around!

Finally got confirmation of my booking for the Steve gigs in London at the end of the month, I was honestly starting to get a little worried about it but it's all good. Only thing irking me is that Youth Hostel site isn't taking SYHA member numbers for the discount. But never mind, it'll get sorted out though, I've put a note in with the number so we'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow is my posting day at jossverse_bb, still not sure how the whole thing's going to work (especially with the two artists for the fic thing) but I'm sure it'll all be good!

This weekend's the Calcutta Cup game in rugby so (if I can get my phone to re-connect it) I apologise for the spammign of Twitter that will be going on...

Plus, I have two icon challenges to enter and haven't been in the mood to work on them. One of them's for tomorrow... I'll get something done I'm sure though. In fact, I'm about to go home and fire up Photoshop so... laters!

(btw - if you haven't checked out Christian Kane's new EP, you can download it from his site)
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